SDAC 4.00 with Delphi 2007 support Released!

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SDAC 4.00 with Delphi 2007 support Released!

Post by Devart » Fri 23 Mar 2007 16:15

Dear users,

Core Lab team is glad to announce a release of the new SDAC version 4.00.
The new SDAC version is packed with the latest server-specific functionality,
disconnected model and local failover support, helpful design-time extensions,
and support for the new Delphi 2007 for Win32 IDE from CodeGear.

The new release is marked by significant functionality additions.
More information on this below.

New functionality:
  • Delphi 2007 for Win32 supported
  • Implemented Disconnected Model for working offline and automatically connecting and disconnecting
  • Local Failover for detecting connection loss and implicitly re-executing some operations supported
  • New tool for easily managing DataSets added
  • Added new TMSLoader, TMSDump, TCRBatchMove, TMSScript and TMSServiceBroker components
  • Added asynchronous execute and fetch modes
  • Compressed Blob support
Support for more SQL Server functionality:
  • MS SQL Server Compact Edition
  • Multiple Active Result Sets (MARS)
Extensions and improvements to existing functionality:
  • General performance improved
  • Support for master/detail relations on client and in CachedUpdates mode
  • Connection pool functionality improvements
  • Improvements on working with calculated and lookup fields
  • Completely restructured and clearer demo projects
For a complete list of new features refer to the SDAC website

Please try the new version of SDAC 4.00 that can be downloaded at

To participate in discussion about the new SDAC version, visit the Core Lab support forums at
or e-mail the developers directly. We're looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

Core Lab development team