Configuration question - Postgre SQL

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Configuration question - Postgre SQL

Post by JCallTX » Tue 11 May 2021 22:56

Hoping someone here is willing to help out a rank beginner.
We bought the Data Flow component for Postgre SQL for a new project. Our developer is unsure how to configure the main.cmd file - specifically the customization for the COMPONENTS tag.

Is there a particular format needed for that? The example text is /COMPONENTS="crm\salesforce" -- is that supposed to be the source? Is this information pulled out of the connection manager?

I couldn't get any clarification from the Help or the KB, and I didn't get any response from so I'm hoping that someone here can provide some clarification?

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Re: Configuration question - Postgre SQL

Post by DmitryGm » Wed 12 May 2021 16:47

In order to install SSIS Data Flow Components Components for PostgreSQL you should use the following parameter in the command line:

Code: Select all

We shall reflect it in our documentation soon.

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