Postgres read/write Array and Objects

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Postgres read/write Array and Objects

Post by Morelli » Mon 03 May 2021 14:39

Hi folks,

with ODAC we could access Arrays and Objects like:

TOraObject* sdoGeometry = query->GetObject ("SHAPE");
TOraArray* ordinateInfo = query->GetArray ("GRAPHFORM");
TOraObject* sdoPnt = sdoGeometry->AttrAsObject["SDO_POINT"];

(query is a TOraQuery).

How can we read/write postgres Array and arrays of custom types with pgDac?

Thx for the support

Kind regards,
Michael Morelli

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Re: Postgres read/write Array and Objects

Post by MaximG » Thu 27 May 2021 12:47

We don't have a class like TOraArray for handling arrays in PostgreSQL. You are welcome to post your requests and suggestions on our UserVoice page: ... y_id=18923

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