MailChimp - Visible Tables

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Mark Lo Chiano
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MailChimp - Visible Tables

Post by Mark Lo Chiano » Sun 18 Apr 2021 19:08

We are using your dotNet MailChimp connector and are very pleased with the quality of the project. In the same projects we also use the Salesforce connector.

However, could you help us understand one discrepancy.

When we read the available tables for MailChimp using either direct queries to SYS_TABLES or via your GetSchema function, we get back 24 tables. However, when we add the MailChimp data connections to Visual Studio, it shows 40 tables. It also appears to be able to query these tables.

As an experiment, we hard coded all 40 tables and attempted to perform a 1 record query. The queries to the additional tables failed. Just for clarity, at this point all of the MailChimp tables do not have any data yet.

Naturally the more tables that we can interact with the better.

Devart Team
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Re: MailChimp - Visible Tables

Post by DmitryGm » Tue 20 Apr 2021 12:32

If you specify 'API Version=3' in the connection string, you can get all the 40 tables from SYS_TABLES and have access to them via dotConnect for Mailchimp.

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