PostgreSQL - Update and Delete Destination Problem

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PostgreSQL - Update and Delete Destination Problem

Post by cleitonjr » Wed 24 Jun 2020 14:13

Hello, Devart Team!

I’m using the SSIS Data Flow Component for PostgreSQL, and I’m having a problem with Update and Delete functions. When the Destination Component can’t find the register’s Primary Key, it evaluates to the Success Output. However, if the register’s Primary Key was not found to do the operation, it needs to do to the Failure Output, because the operation (Update or Delete) haven’t been made at the destination, and I need to count how many times this situation have happened. I need your help to solve this problem, please.

Thanks in advance!


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Re: PostgreSQL - Update and Delete Destination Problem

Post by Shalex » Wed 01 Jul 2020 17:02

Devart PostgreSql Destination redirects to Error Output only errors that occur during SQL execution (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE statements).

For your task, you should place the additional component - standard Lookup (with cache transform) or just Devart PostgreSql Lookup - before your Devart PostgreSql Destination component:
* Devart PostgreSql Lookup's found output goes to Devart PostgreSql Destination
* Devart PostgreSql Lookup's not found output goes to Row Count

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