Dynamics CRM OAuth 2.0 Support in Excel Add-ins 2.4!

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Dynamics CRM OAuth 2.0 Support in Excel Add-ins 2.4!

Post by Devart » Fri 12 Jun 2020 14:37

Dear users,

We proudly announce the release of Devart Excel Add-ins 2.4 — add-ins for Microsoft Excel that allow connecting Excel to cloud and database data, edit this data, and save it back to the data source.

The new version of Excel Add-in for Dynamics CRM allows users to connect to Dynamics CRM using OAuth 2.0 authentication. They can perform web login to Dynamics CRM instead of specifying their user id and password in the connection settings. This also means that when you store an OAuth 2.0 connection in workbooks or in Excel with the Allow saving password selected, in fact, an OAuth 2.0 refresh token is stored instead of user id and password.

You can download Devart Excel Add-ins on our download page. Add-ins for all supported data sources are installed with a single installation package. When you install Devart Excel Add-ins for the first time you can evaluate them for a 30-day trial period.

After you evaluate Devart Excel Add-ins, you can buy a license at our ordering page. You will be provided with the license keys for the add-ins you have purchased the license for. Use these keys to register the add-ins.

Devart development team