Excel add-in with updateable views

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Excel add-in with updateable views

Post by drobert » Sun 19 Jan 2020 23:39

Postgres 9.6
MS Excel: Office 365 version 1912


We're using the EXCEL add-in for postgres. Because of the complexity of the database, we have an updateable view to make it easy for user to edit. However, Devart is not working with this and giving the message “Table does not have columns that uniquely identify rows (primary key or non-nullable index columns)…”

There are columns that form a logic primary key, but a view cannot have an index in postgres. Is there a way I can tell Devart what the ‘unique index’ fields are?

Thanks in advance

Devart Team
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Re: Excel add-in with updateable views

Post by dm-m » Tue 21 Jan 2020 13:16


Thank you for submitting a ticket with us.

We have replied to your email. Please check the inbox.

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