Salesforce Destination

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Salesforce Destination

Post by masterzyon » Mon 23 Dec 2019 10:28

I'm having some issues sending 12k records to Salesforce. I get
the following message:
Too many DML rows: 10001

I changed the size of the batchsize property to 300, but still have the
same problem.

When I change the batchsize property to 300 it means that it will split the
total number of records sent (12k) in batch of 200 records, right? Does
each batch in this batch have an individual transaction?

Could you please help me?

Thank you!

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Re: Salesforce Destination

Post by Shalex » Mon 23 Dec 2019 19:58

Please give us details so that we can reproduce the issue in our environment:
1) the Action property of your Devart Salesforce Destination is set to Insert, isn't it?
2) tell us your value of the UseBulkApi property
3) are you inserting data into a standard Salesforce object or the custom one? Describe its structure: the number and types of columns

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