Devart Excel Add-ins 2.2 are released!

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Devart Excel Add-ins 2.2 are released!

Post by Devart » Wed 11 Dec 2019 17:36

Dear users,

We proudly announce the release of Devart Excel Add-ins 2.2 — add-ins for Microsoft Excel that allow connecting Excel to cloud and database data, edit this data, and save it back to the data source. New Excel Add-ins version features support for BigCommerce API v3 and improvements for working with Zendesk data.

The new version of Excel Add-in for BigCommerce allows users to select the BigCommerce API version to use when working with BigCommerce data. Note that the lists of objects and their structure is different for different API versions. The main differences are connected with objects, storing data about products, their variants, options, prices, brands, etc.

Some objects that are not supported in BigCommerce API v3 are accessed via API v2 regardless of API version selected. For more details and the information about other improvements, please read our blog article about the release.

Here is the complete list of Devart Excel Add-ins 2.2.283 features:
  • BigCommerce API v3 is supported
  • New Search API result limits implemented (Zendesk)

Devart development team