New release of DAC product line with support for Lazarus 2.0.2

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New release of DAC product line with support for Lazarus 2.0.2

Post by Devart » Mon 01 Jul 2019 15:49

The long-waited update of Delphi Data Access Components is finally here. This release introduces support for Lazarus 2.0.2 and a range of other important updates:
  • All DAC products now support free cross-platform IDE Lazarus 2.0.2. The DefaultSortType property has been implemented for the entire product line. Users will also benefit from the improved performance of the SaveToFile/LoadFromFile methods of TVirtualTable.
  • You can now use the URL-style connection string format and local connection with IBDAC. We have also optimized the insert speed for fields of the BLOB data type.
  • PgDAC introduces function calls in batch operations.
  • In SDAC, multiple threads can now share a single connection.
  • The Direct Mode in LiteDAC has been upgraded to version 3.27.2 of the SQLite engine. LiteDAC now handles better operations running on multiple threads.
The list is far from complete. Browse to respective product pages for more information about the updates in this release.

You can try out the new versions here:

Universal Data Access Components 7.5 [ Download ]
Oracle Data Access Components 10.4 [ Download ]
SQL Server Data Access Components 8.3 [ Download ]
MySQL Data Access Components 9.4 [ Download ]
InterBase Data Access Components 6.4 [ Download ]
PostgreSQL Data Access Components 5.4 [ Download ]
SQLite Data Access Components 3.5 [ Download ]
VirtualDAC 10.6 [ Download ]

If you would like to give some feedback or ask a question about the new version of a DAC product, you are more than welcome to visit our forums or drop us a line.
You can find more ways to contact us on the Support page of any DAC product. We will be happy to assist you with expert help and advice.

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