Entity Developer 6.2.414 (EntityDAC edition) {edited}

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Entity Developer 6.2.414 (EntityDAC edition) {edited}

Post by anykey » Wed 27 Jun 2018 14:28

Howdy y'all...

Please let me know if this is the wrong category for this post.

I use EntityDAC and just updated to the latest version which bundles with the stand-alone Entity Developer 6.2.414.

I have a weird issue where the Layout function seems to be broken.

Everything just clumps together in a tight, square configuration. The entities don't overlap, they're arranged like a checkerboard. All the relationship lines are like spaghetti.... overlapping, on top of entities, just everywhere. Big mess and difficult to read the diagram now....

Anyone else see this problem? Can I update Entity Developer by itself while waiting for the next version of EntityDAC?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Entity Developer 6.2.414 (EntityDAC edition) {edited}

Post by azyk » Wed 04 Jul 2018 09:31

Please, send us model files (*.enml, *.edps and *Diagram.view if the one exists) in order for us to solve the issue. We are planning to release EntityDAC within this or next week.

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