Real support for VS2017 ???

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Real support for VS2017 ???

Post by pitoloko » Fri 06 Oct 2017 22:48


I would like to know whether this company has plans to release in the near future an update of LINQ Insight that can support VS2017 stable releases (not the RC).

LINQ Insight is not able to run any query in C# or VB.NET under VS2017 15.3.*, like for example:

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Public Module Module1

    Public Sub Main()
        Dim str As IEnumerable(Of Char) = (From c As Char In "qwerty" Select c)
    End Sub

End Module
It will throw this exception:
Message: Queries not found in method 'Main'.
Type: System.InvalidOperationException
Source: Devart.LinqInsight.Roslyn
Site: PrepareInternal
Stack Trace:
at p3JAO5lQu1aYwXTcId.t5yfg4cjnqs9rwqWyV.PrepareInternal(SourceCodeInfo , CancellationToken , String )
at Devart.LinqInsight.Implementation.QueryExecutor.U2szXnwtT()
at Devart.LinqInsight.Implementation.QueryExecutor.lVAWBSaro()
at Devart.LinqInsight.Implementation.QueryExecutor.<>c__DisplayClass59_0.<StartNewTask>b__0()
Thanks for read.

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Re: Real support for VS2017 ???

Post by Shalex » Mon 09 Oct 2017 14:27

VB.NET is not supported in VS2015 / VS2017.

C# is the only currently supported language in VS2015 / VS2017. The following query works in VS2017 15.3.* via LINQ Insight v3.6:

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  IEnumerable<Char> str = from c in "qwerty" select c;

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