Discussion of open issues, suggestions and bugs regarding ADO.NET provider for DB2
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Post by Manuzar » Wed 08 Feb 2017 13:51

I'm working on a .NET Core 1.1 project with DB2. I use the libraries:
With the latest version 2.1.2.
I have a problem with DBConnection:

Services.AddDbContext <DB2Context> (options => options.UseDB2 (@ "user id = db2admin; server = db2; database = SAMPLE;"));

Error: DbConnection is defined in a non-referenced assembly. You must add System.Data, version:

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Re: DBConnect

Post by Shalex » Fri 10 Feb 2017 14:31

EF Core is being developed by Microsoft for the following target platforms:
.NET 4.5.1 and higher -> EF Core for this platform is supported by dotConnect for DB2
.NET Core -> in progress
Universal Windows Platform -> under review

We are working on the .NET Core support. There is no any timeframe at the moment. We will notify you when the feature is implemented.

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