Unable to make a SQL-request with dbExpress driver

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Unable to make a SQL-request with dbExpress driver

Post by stab » Tue 31 Mar 2009 22:45

Hi all,

I'm new to dbExpress driver for PostgreSQL but have used dbExpress for years with FireBird.

In a test-app I have a TSQLConnection with a acompaning TSQLDataSet.
At startup I make a connection to my db with the following code:

SQLConnection1.Params.Values['HostName'] := 'localhost';
SQLConnection1.Params.Values['Database'] := 'minilc';
SQLConnection1.Params.Values['User_Name'] := 'postgres'; SQLConnection1.Params.Values['Password'] := 'mypwd';

SQLConnection1.Connected := true;

and connection succeedes.

Clicking a button in my test-app I reach the following code:

procedure TfrmMiniDb.btnOpenClick(Sender: TObject);
if SQLDataSet1.Active then

SQLDataSet1.CommandText :=
'Select * from CustomerInfo ' +
'where ' +
'name like ' + Chr(39) + '%Kalle%' + Chr(39);

At "SQLDataSet1.Open" I get the following error:
Operation not allowed on a unidirectional dataset

Copying the sql-request into pgAdmin III it works allright and
I think I should be allowed to do this.

Can anyone help me out please?

stab :(

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