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Problem with TNSNAME

Posted: Mon 04 Jun 2018 20:54
by regisvicente
I'm using the dbExpress driver for Oracle (6.7.10) and I have a problem when my tnsname has a dot.

I have two tnsname:




When my TNSNAME has a dot and I execute the procedure, I get this error:

"Could not parse the GetPackageProcedureParameters metadata command. Problem found near: .. Original query: GetPackageProcedureParameters TNS_NAME. OWNER_NAME. PACKAGE_NAME . PROCECURE_NAME"

Re: Problem with TNSNAME

Posted: Thu 07 Jun 2018 14:50
by MaximG
We have started to investigate the issue according to your description. Please, compose and send us a DDL script of the simplest Oracle package, execution of whose procedure causes the described issue. In addition, please, provide a code snippet that demonstrates how to work with this procedure. It is convenient to do this using the e-support form (

Re: Problem with TNSNAME

Posted: Thu 07 Jun 2018 14:58
by MaximG
In addition, try using the connection parameter 'UseQuoteChar' :

Code: Select all

SQLConnection.Params.Values['UseQuoteChar'] := 'True';