Delphi Package Problem

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Delphi Package Problem

Post by mmalinow » Fri 08 Jul 2016 20:58

Hello Alex,

I'm trying to recompile a custom Delphi package in our system in Delphi 2010. The package happens to contain a component which have cross dependencies to Devart DBExpress for Oracle. The error received is that "package dcldbxoda140 not found". I'm at a loss because I cannot find a file named "dcldbxoda140.*" on the system. I assumed it was a Delphi DCP file or maybe a reference to a library inside of a Devart unit. Do you have any idea as to what Devart object it is that the Delphi package requires to compile? I would greatly appreciate your input.

Thanks very much,
Mike Malinowski
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Re: Delphi Package Problem

Post by AlexP » Mon 11 Jul 2016 10:28


This package is no longer used, you need to remove it from the project.

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