Record and playback DB interactions

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Record and playback DB interactions

Post by fbkevy » Fri 14 Mar 2014 14:21

This post might be the wrong area to post this.

I would like to be able to record db interactions to a file and later playback these interactions to test if the content of the data is the same. For example before an DB upgrade /change. I could run all the apps, record what was sent and received. Do the DB change and then playback what was sent and compare what was received against what was recorded before the upgrade. This allow me to test the DB and mock out the clients. The clients would have to be run manually which is time consuming also they have other interactions with other system.

Similarly, I would like to be able to mock out the DB to regression test my software applications. If I could record interaction and later rerun this fooling the applications into thinking the DB was real and receiving the exact same data time after time.

I use Oracle and DevArt.

I'm sure others would have done this before however after googling I didn't find anything. I might just not have the correct search term.

I noticed that he dbMonitor tool record a lot of the interaction therefore this should be possible and this is very close to what I would need.


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Re: Record and playback DB interactions

Post by AlexP » Mon 31 Mar 2014 11:08


Using our dbExpress you can get the log file that contains all completed DBMonitor operations .
You have to implement the required functionality through yours individual efforts.

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