Error using parameterised queries

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Error using parameterised queries

Post by shaunwallace » Thu 20 Dec 2012 11:40

I am needing some assistance on configuration or possibly a bug fix.

I have been trying to use the DevArt driver for Oracle against Oracle 10 and Oracle 8 on Delphi 2010. So far version 6 has given the least hassles but only works correctly when using direct mode. I want to use the OCI mode as the server is multi-threaded. I am using the standard driver with some workarounds on float/bcd types and was hoping to use your driver without any major workarounds as I would like to use the Trim Char setting. The standard driver's Trim Char setting crashes the application horribly.

The problem experienced is that when selecting for an item from a table it does not find the item using OCI but it works perfectly using direct mode! It is a basic statement:

select * from system_keys where system_key = :system_key

The parameter is ftFixedChar and the value is a valid string.

When running the query without the parameter it works fine and row is returned. When running it using OCI no row is returned that is nothing comes back. When running under direct mode the expected row is returned. It is quite strange.

The same select works fine with the standard driver and with your driver when using direct mode.

I am hoping there is something basic I am overlooking but am unsure on what extra information to provide you with to assist in troubleshooting my issue.

If it helps the same code in Delphi 7 using 2.5 or 3.5 of your driver works 100%. Ver 4 and ver 5 of your driver in Delphi 2010 do not work against the Oracle 8 with various errors at different points.

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Re: Error using parameterised queries

Post by AlexP » Mon 24 Dec 2012 15:41


We cannot reproduce the problem. Please specify the exact versions of Oracle Client and server, and also send the script for creating and filling the tables and a small sample demonstrating the problem to alexp*devart*com

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