BEQ Protocol

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BEQ Protocol

Post by robdoh » Tue 18 May 2010 10:46


One of our clients is using the BEQ protocol in one of their sites to overcome some network difficulties they faced (I'm not exactly sure what the problem is).

I have never attempted to connect to Oracle using this protocol and wanted to know if the Oracle driver for DbExpress is capable of doing so?

If it is how do I setup the connection?

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Post by bork » Wed 19 May 2010 09:54


If your Oracle server and Oracle client are located on the same computer then try to set the DataBase parameter to ' ' (one space). Really the DataBase parameter should be empty but TSQLConnection raises error in this case, so you should do this trick.

Another way to connect with the BEQ protocol is configuring your TNSNAMES.ORA file. You can find more detailed information about configuring the TNSNAMES.ORA file in the Oracle documentation.

Also you can read this topic: Here connecting with BEQ is discussed.

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