Using dbx Oracle driver in VS CLR application

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Using dbx Oracle driver in VS CLR application

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I'm testing dbx driver for Oracle. Is it possible to make it working with CLR .NET applications (C#) that are using a custom assembly ( with dbx support ) made by Delphi for .NET 2007? I have :

- assembly with dbx support ( Delphi for .NET 2007 )
- VS C# .NET app
- Delphi for .NET 2007 app

If I create .NET application in Delphi for .NET then I can use my assembly and dbx driver without any problems (like in your samples for .net). But when I build .NET app in VS C# then upon using the dbx driver I get error :

Can't do a dynamic cast of type 'Devart.DbxOda.DriverLoader.TCRDynalinkDriverLoader' into type 'Borland.Data.TDBXDriverLoader

Strange but the same apps are working with your Firebird dbxdriver.
Will this work or dbExpress driver for Oracle can't work in CLR .NET env?


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Post by bork » Thu 25 Mar 2010 09:52

We tried to reproduce your issue. We made assembly with dbExpress Oracle driver support with Delphi for .NET 2007. Also we made two application: .Net application with Delphi for .NET 2007 and WinForms application with Visual Studio 2008. Both applications work with data by using assembly with Oracle dbExpress driver. Everything works fine without any errors.

For reproducing your issue we need to know what actions do you make within the assembly using Oracle dbExpress driver.
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Can you send me these sample apps? I will check this again. Maybe it's just a configuration issue? Does a trial version of dbExpress Oracle driver can influence on my WinForms app?

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