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Post by Guest » Thu 30 Jun 2005 23:18

Well, about numeric fields..
I'm making some "field type compatibility tests" across dbxoda and dbxmda.
I have a simple app (d2005) with two sqlconnections, one to mysql (5.0.7) and one to Oracle (8.1.7); and one sqlquery.
- set connection in sqlquery to mysql, create persistent fields, numeric are mapped as float. (even is readme tells DECIMAL = BCD but this is another story... :wink: )
- close query, switch connection to oracle, open, no errors.
- close query and open again, BUM! Expected BCD actual Float....

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Post by Paul » Fri 01 Jul 2005 10:58

You must configure DbxOda how to work with NUMBER() fields. Please use
TCRSQLConnection and EnableBCD parameter for switching between BCD and Float
fields (default is BCD, please see ReadMe.html for more details). Please
write to dbExpress driver for MySQL forum about errors with DbxMda.

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