Bogus data in timestamp fields

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Bogus data in timestamp fields

Post by Sieg » Mon 21 Apr 2008 08:43

I encountered a strange error while evaluating the dbx4 oracle drivers.

Any query (using TSQLQuery) with timestamp fields returns bad data. If I get the value of the field as TimeStamp, it returns correct values in the Year and Month fields, but random values in Day, Hour, Minute, Second and Fractions fields. These values vary if I rerun the query (not caused by random local stack data, I checked it by filling the timestamp record with zeros before the call).
This causes Delphi to throw a convert exception if I try to access the field as TDateTime as the timestamp conversion is not possible with invalid data.

It would be a pretty serious bug if true but seeing that no-one mentioned it I suppose I'm doing something wrong.
Any ideas what it could be?

I'm using CodeGear RAD Studio, december update applied. The server is 10g, the fields causing problems are TIMESTAMP(6) fields.

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Post by Plash » Tue 22 Apr 2008 11:59

There is a bug in working with TIMESTAMP fields. We have fixed this bug. The fix will be included in the next build of DbxOda.

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