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Memory limitations?

Posted: Mon 02 Sep 2019 23:29
by kneighbour
I am thinking to use TVirtualTable as a local 'cache' for some processing I do, before adding data to the main tables in my Firebird DB. The main tables are quite large (millions of records), so aggregating data locally before the final insert/edit makes sense to me.

Since these are in-memory tables, I am concerned about what will happen if we run out of memory? Is there some way I can programmactically determine if these in-memory tables are getting to their limits and I need to process the data out? I don't want the situation where Windows just reports an "Out of Memory" error and everything crashes.

Re: Memory limitations?

Posted: Mon 09 Sep 2019 12:38
by MaximG
This feature is not related to the functionality of our driver. You can get the necessary information by using respective Windows API functions.