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New build of VirtualDAC 10.4.11 is already available!

Posted: Tue 18 Sep 2018 13:26
by Devart
Dear users,

New VirtualDAC 10.4.11 is available for download now!

In this version:

  • Automatic detection of the initial value of an AutoInc field in TVirtualTable is supported
  • Bug with editing data in TVirtualQuery having TVirtualTable as a source is fixed
  • Bug with mapping an error when a query contains functions like SUM is fixed
  • Bug with freezing an application when a query contains UNION ALL is fixed
  • Bug with updating data in TVirtualQuery is fixed
  • Bug with editing data in TVirtualQuery when the SELECT statement contains the ROWID column is fixed
  • Several bugs with handling BLOBs in TVirtualQuery are fixed

Devart Development Team