TVirtualQuery Results

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TVirtualQuery Results

Post by Aggie85 » Mon 05 Jun 2017 05:07


If I do a TVirtualQuery against a TDataSet, are the results stored in a unique dataset (TVirtualQuery) or are they mapped into the TVirtualQuery?

The reason I ask is that sometimes I run a TVirtualQuery against a TDataSet and then I want to copy the results back to the same dataset. When I try this, I get a Record not found error.

If I first copy the results to a separate TDataSet, I can then copy the results back over the original TDataSet.



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Re: TVirtualQuery Results

Post by MaximG » Thu 08 Jun 2017 05:33

Unfortunately, we could not reproduce the described problem. Please compose and send us via the e-support form ( menu "Support"\"Request Support" ) a small sample in which the problem occurs.

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