VirtualTable filtered records is gone!

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VirtualTable filtered records is gone!

Post by utmost » Tue 09 Oct 2012 19:35

filtered records is permanently gone!
how to reproduce:

place vt, ds and dbgrid on form, connect it,
add to vt some fields like:
Position(Integer) {autoinc} {index}
set vt.filtered to false and vt.filter to ''

Add some records:
for i:=0 to 9 do
VT.AppendRecord([i+1, True, 'title' + inttostr(i+1)]);

Change some records to Checked false in dbgrid

now set vt.Filter to 'Checked = True' and set vt.Filtered:=true;
now all filtered records with field Checked=false is gone!,
try to disable filter, refresh, reopen - is nothing here - it's gone

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Re: VirtualTable filtered records is gone!

Post by AlexP » Wed 10 Oct 2012 06:47


We have already fixed the problem.
Please download the latest version of VirtualTable 8.5.6 and try again.

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