Virtualtable not working correctly Linux x64

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Virtualtable not working correctly Linux x64

Post by 99Percent » Mon 09 Jul 2012 18:00

Virtualtable under Lazarus Linux x64 not working correctly

I have upgraded to UniDAC 4.2

At first it will not compile the file CREncryption.pas at line 122:

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Convert: array[0..15] of WideChar = WideString('0123456789ABCDEF');
Which I provisionally patched

But the Eof of Virtualtable is set when the last row of the table is scrolled to, and not when at the last row a next is issued. So when I go through a dataset with a WHILE NOT EOF it skips the last row.

Also Append method doesnt set the dataset status to edit so I have to issue edit method too.

Please advise. If you cannot reproduce the problem please state what version of Lazarus/FPC/Linux you are using

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Re: Virtualtable not working correctly Linux x64

Post by AlexP » Tue 10 Jul 2012 09:57


I cannot reproduce the problem.
We tested our products on Ubuntu 11.10 x64, Lazarus, FPC 2.6.0

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