VirtualTable on IOS

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Chad Feldmann
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VirtualTable on IOS

Post by Chad Feldmann » Sat 07 Jan 2012 21:30


I am very interested in seeing how UNIDAC components work on an IPhone but have not purchased them yet. I do own SDAC, and know that VirtualTable is supposed to be compatible with iOS, even though SDAC is not, so decided to test it.

I wrote a simple Firemonkey HD IOS app with Virtualtable which had data loaded into it. I had to load up VCL Datamodule to get the virtual table and copy it on to my Iphone form, but it worked. I compiled it on Windows and it ran fine, with me having to navigate records in code since livebindings does not seem to be available.

However, when I tried it in XCode I received an error. "Can't Find Unit VirtualTable" Complilation aborted.

Do I need to source code of VirtualTable in order to get it to compile with the FPC on MAC and XCode?

I would like to get this working before investing in UNIDAC and I need to know if source code is needed.

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Post by AlexP » Tue 10 Jan 2012 09:59


At the moment, for developing applications for iOS the Source version of UniDAC is needed, as XCode requires the sources of our units for compilation

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