VT, TCRDBGrid - Lookup Field not shown...and more

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VT, TCRDBGrid - Lookup Field not shown...and more

Post by GVCL » Tue 01 Mar 2011 17:33

Hi everybody,

I use TVirtualTable with persistent fields and TCRDBGrid on a D2009 form. When I define a LookUp Field, is is not shown in the grid. I also get a 'field xyz not found' when I try to use it as DataField in a TDBEdit (with readonly) or TDBText. The lookup table is a TVirtualTable too.

When not using columns, all fields are always shown in the grid no matter if 'visible' of the fields (in the field editor) is set to true or false.

If I use the LookUp Field 'Stelle' in an assign statement e.g.: VTblPersonalShowStelleEx.AsString:=VTblPersonalStelle.AsString+'!'; I get an exception (ShowStelleEx is a calculated field) caused by the LookUp Field (I can assign just '!' to the ShowStelleEx without an error)

Thank you for any hint!

I use TVirtualTable coming with IBDAC


Post by AndreyZ » Wed 02 Mar 2011 12:33


I cannot reproduce these problems. Please try composing a small sample to demonstrate these problems and send it to andreyz*devart*com.

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