Problem with Strings and TVirtualDataSet

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Problem with Strings and TVirtualDataSet

Post by JimMellish » Wed 07 Apr 2021 10:47

When trying to work with guids represented as strings I came across the following problem.

If a string field in a TVirtualDataset is defined as having a size of, say, 38, then when the string field displays a string of length 38 the last character is shown as an unprintable character.

To reproduce this open the virtual dataset demo. On line 156 the DeptDataSet field DName has a size of 14.

On line 130 change
DeptList.Add(TDept.Create(10, 'ACCOUNTING', 'NEW YORK'));
DeptList.Add(TDept.Create(10, 'ACCOUNTING1234', 'NEW YORK'));

so the length of the string to be displayed is now 14 characters.

Run the program. Expand the DName column and inspect the last character displayed.

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Re: Problem with Strings and TVirtualDataSet

Post by MaximG » Mon 12 Apr 2021 05:26

Thank you for the information. We have reproduced the issue and will investigate its origin. We will inform you about the results shortly.

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Re: Problem with Strings and TVirtualDataSet

Post by leonardt.neugebauer » Mon 19 Apr 2021 19:18

I have a similar problem see:
I have just noticed that I have probably created under the wrong category. if you want you can move it.

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Re: Problem with Strings and TVirtualDataSet

Post by RosswinkelNico » Mon 17 May 2021 13:51

are there any news on this topic?
Our company faces exactly the same issue.
With kind regards

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