How to recover the Field Name err

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How to recover the Field Name err

Post by kenny » Mon 07 Feb 2005 07:45

I'm using Delphi 5, MyDac

The error message is :
Field.FieldName FieldDesc.Name
"MarkRefNo" "MarkRefNo"
(D:\Projects\Delphi\MyDac\Source\MyAccess.pas, line 206)
This happend when I'm accidently drop the table using SQLYog and the project is open (MyConnection.Connect=True)

Then I'd recreate the table. Design time can open with no error, but when I set at runtime on the form i'm using it, it pop the message to me.

I'd tried several way to recover but failed. How should I do? Is a bug or else? I can't find out the stated file (MyAccess.pas).

Ps: Urgent help needed. Please! Thanks!

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Post by Ikar » Mon 07 Feb 2005 08:35

We couldn't reproduce the problem.
Please send us complete small sample to demonstrate it and include script to create table.

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