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Encrypt querys mysql

Posted: Wed 18 Dec 2019 14:24
by weslleysolo
Hello, I have a Delphi application and want to know how to encrypt my querys. The application runs on a local server.


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SELECT administracaoxitemxprescricao.CD_USUARIO, administracaoxitemxprescricao.DS_DIA, administracaoxitemxprescricao.DS_HORA,
 administracaoxitemxprescricao.DT_DATA, year(prescricoes.DT_PRESCRICAO) as data_prescricao
 FROM administracaoxitemxprescricao 
 join prescricoes ON prescricoes.CD_PRESCRICAO = administracaoxitemxprescricao.CD_PRESCRICAO
 WHERE administracaoxitemxprescricao.CD_USUARIO = 1 

Re: Encrypt querys mysql

Posted: Fri 20 Dec 2019 10:49
by ViktorV
To protect your data, you can use data encryption. MyDAC supports data encryption using the TMyEncryptor component. Take into account, that this component is available only in Professional and Trial Editions. See more details about data encryption in the MyDAC documentation: