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MyDAC 10.1 with support for Android 64-bit

Posted: Wed 27 Nov 2019 16:53
by Devart

Delphi DAC team has added support for the Android 64-bit platform to MyDAC.

What's new:
  • Android 64-bit is supported
  • Lazarus 2.0.6 is supported
  • OpenSSL 1.1 library is supported
  • Now Trial edition for macOS and Linux is fully functional
  • A package containing the TMySSHIOHandler and TMySSLIOHandler components for Lazarus is added
  • The TMyConnection.GetStoredProcNames and TMyConnection.GetTriggerNames methods are added
  • Bug with freezing of the TMyConnection design-time editor for MySQL versions older than 4.1 is fixed
  • Bug with international characters in error messages when UseUnocode = True is fixed
  • Bug with AV failure when using encryption is fixed
  • Bug with using the FieldOrigins property is fixed
  • Bug with the Loader component when UniDirectional set to True for source dataset is fixed
  • Bug with "Record changed by another user" error when LockMode <> lmNone is fixed
  • Bug with mapping to BCD fields when TClientDataSet is used is fixed
  • Bug with resetting the range values when executing the Refresh method is fixed
  • Several bugs that occurred when using DataSet Manager are fixed
Devart Development Team