Unigui code using MyDac (intead of FireDac)

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Unigui code using MyDac (intead of FireDac)

Post by SergioFeitoza » Mon 05 Aug 2019 22:57

Hi !. I need your help.
I have an Unigui code in which a small MySql database is accessed by FireDac components. The code works (almost) well and does 2 types of calculations. The first one is “light and fast” and works well in Unigui.
My initial problem was that the second calculation is heavier and when I run the code run it moves but the result never comes (no error message at all). It seems when it is running it goes to a black hole.
So I tried to replace the FireDac components used to access the MySql database by MyDAC components (Devart). They worked fine in my version for desktop using Delphi. I changed my Unigui code just to replace the FireDac components (connection +query only) by the equivalent MyDac ones. In this conversion the only component of MyDac which does not have an equivalent MyDac one is FDmanager. So I simply removed it.
The fact is that when I run my Unigui code with the MyDac components I get no compilation error but when the code arrives at the lines below it gives no errors but does not move from there

with uniMainModule.connectionSFC do
// Add('DriverID=MySQL'); necessary in FireDac but not in MyDacao usar o MyDac
Server:='' ;
Port:=3306 ;
Database:='MyDataBaseMySQLl' ;
UserName:='root' ;

Very possibly I am doing a simple mistake. Can anyone help me with this indicating some simple code using UNIGUI + MYDAC?. If you need the relevant parts of the code to do the connection please write to sergiofeitozacosta@gmail.com and I will send you.

By the way: I hope that using MyDac instead of FireDac, my “heavy code” will complete the calculations. Do you think it will ? I thank you in advance If anyone needs it, t my private email is sergiofeitozacosta@gmail.com

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Re: Unigui code using MyDac (intead of FireDac)

Post by Stellar » Wed 07 Aug 2019 14:14

Please try to connect to your server by using the Demo project and let us know the results.
You can find the demo project in the %Demos%\ directory. %Demos% is the path to the installed demo projects on your computer.

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