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New version of MyDAC 9.4 has been released!

Posted: Wed 26 Jun 2019 08:16
by Devart
Hi there,

The new release of MyDAC 9.4 with support for Lazarus 2.0.2 is now available for download!

What's new in this release:
  • Lazarus 2.0.2 is supported
  • Performance of TMyDump for data dumping from a query is improved
  • Performance of describing stored procedures is improved
  • Multi-threading support is improved
  • The DefaultSortType property for TVirtualTable is added
  • Performance of the SaveToFile/LoadFromFile methods of TVirtualTable is significantly increased
  • Bug with processing data that include international symbols when using the EUCKR charset is fixed
  • Bug with memory leak when using an SSL connection is fixed
  • Bug with updating a dataset containing a composite primary key is fixed
  • Bug with using the STATUS literal in a query is fixed
  • Bug with the AV failure when executing the Refresh method is fixed
  • Bug with calculating percentage in the OnRestoreProgress event in the TDADump class is fixed
  • Bug with the StackOverflow exception when using batch operations in CBuilder is fixed
  • Bug with using the SetRange method is fixed
Devart Development Team