TMyQuery insert only one column instead of all

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TMyQuery insert only one column instead of all

Post by moppelstroppel » Wed 22 May 2019 11:23

Hello all,

I'm using V 9.1.5
I do
TMyQuery* query;
UnicodeString stmt = SELECT * FROM Table WHERE column = 'not existing';
query->Active = false;
query->SQL->Text = stmt;
query->Active = true;

query->FieldByName("")->AsVariant = ....
query->FieldByName("")->AsVariant = ....
query->FieldByName("")->AsVariant = ....
query->FieldByName("")->AsVariant = ....

Insert is faling due to missing column without default values. Only one column is used instead of all.
On my W10 system everthing is working fine, but on customer site W7 i got the error due to missing columns.


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Re: TMyQuery insert only one column instead of all

Post by ViktorV » Wed 22 May 2019 11:42

Unfortunately, we can't reproduce the issue.
Please compose a small test sample including the script for creating and filling in the database objects that would demonstrate the described behavior and send it to us via the contact form so that we could research the issue further.
In addition, please specify the particular version of MySQL and the full text of the error you receive.

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