Would be best if would be free

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Would be best if would be free

Post by Joker » Wed 22 Feb 2006 11:47

I downloaded MySQL Data Access Components
and liked it
BUT it works about 30 days and thats why I uninstalled them and used ADO+MSSQL instead of MyDAC+MySQL

All I wanted to say
Would be best if would be free

may be you are too agree with me dear Developers ?

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Post by GEswin » Wed 22 Feb 2006 22:05

1) MSSQL is not free.
2) I agree with paying for good components that solves me my coding.
3) If you're making some opensource or don't want to pay, there are other components sets that are open source (But of course don't expect inmediate support as with comercial components).

(Note, i'm not from CRLab, i'm just a satisfied customer).


Post by upscene » Fri 24 Feb 2006 11:33

You might want to define "best" there. Best for who? For you? Sure, you don't have to pay.

But "best" for the developers? Who spend their days coding?

You know, some people have bills to pay.

Software - even though you don't have to pay for it - is never "free".

Here's a blob post I made earlier about this:
http://blog.upscene.com/martijn/index.p ... 220-212700

Martijn Tonies
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