myconnection.connected always false saved.

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myconnection.connected always false saved.

Post by oquz2 » Fri 10 Feb 2006 08:59

sorry i little speak english.

i have one idea for myconnection.connected.

for example i am design a project,
myconnection.connected automatic true after i am myquery open.
or i do myconnection.connected true manual.
ok no problem.

but I don't want to myconnection.connected=true in application.exe

example property name : StoreConnectedState (True or False)
if i set MyConnection1.StoreConnectedState := False then
always MyConnection1.Connected = False in application.exe


do you understand me?

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Post by Ikar » Fri 10 Feb 2006 14:08

Try using MyConnection.KeepDesignConnected.

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