Kylix 3 Open Edition --> Install Packages MyDAC 4.00

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Kylix 3 Open Edition --> Install Packages MyDAC 4.00

Post by ideo » Sat 12 Nov 2005 18:10


I have problem to install MyDAC 4.00 components for Kylix 3 under Suse 9.1.

I did the following as requested:

downloaded --> extract

copied *.so* to kylix3/bin and
mydac/lib to kylix3/lib and
mydac/include to kylix3/include

Component/Install Packages from Kylix menu. Press Add button and
select package.

Kylix tells me:

"Ungültige Package Datei"! --> invalid package file
(German Version)

My Question:

- has this something to do with the kernel version?
(at starting Kylix under Suse 9.1 you need to set "assum Kernel 2.4" because 2.6 is installed...)

Normally we use Delphi 2005 Arch. so I am not a Kylix Pro.
( but another installation of INDY 10 components under Kylix worked out fine)

Thanks Gunnar

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Post by Ikar » Mon 14 Nov 2005 07:45

MyDAC does not support Kylix Open Edition.

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