TMyStoredProcedure Can Return Param?

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TMyStoredProcedure Can Return Param?

Post by CHIN » Mon 29 Nov 2004 01:07

If i call stored procedure using TMyStoredProcedure,
some params is declare 'OUT' or 'INOUT', TMyStoredProcedure
can be auto return/update param?


Create Procedure MyValue(
IN InValue Int,
OUT ReturnResult)
Set ReturnResult = InValue * 10;

Call MyValue(12, @a)//

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Re: TMyStoredProcedure Can Return Param?

Post by Ikar » Mon 29 Nov 2004 12:05

Now this ability is enabled only for Result. Full support of OUTPUT parameters most probably will be available with MySQL Server 5.0 beta release.

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