Problems upgrade 3.55 to 4.01.3

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Problems upgrade 3.55 to 4.01.3

Post by BigDavid » Wed 28 Sep 2005 09:01


Using Borland C++builder 6 / Mysql server 4.1.9
And after upgrading to I had problems in old projects
Unkown MySQL datatype (122)
(which basically was nonsens)
It also magles field named in simple queries as
FROM tblNummern WHERE Aktiv = -1;

the AktivNrs ends up as r if I I try to add the fiedls in the Fields Editor.
Most time my remedy would be to delete the TmyTable object (TMyQeury). Disconnect the design connection. Add a new TMyTable object witht the same name and going to the same table goig int Data designer look at the data and it works again.
However if I have a table witha lot of VARCHAR and form that one there are a lot of fields not Filled (NULL) it gives me the datatype error again.
So maybe it is the handling of NULL values in the first row..
Maybe type handling is done an basis of the first row (at least when Mysql server 4.1 is conecerned) becuase I had a SELECT DISTINCT TarifGruppe FROM tblRevenue (where TarifGruppe is a CHAR, but the first record is '0900' ) and it had problems witht he Type. Did I do a specific CAST(Tarifgrupe AS CHAR) it was fine ....

Weird enough I have had no problems with a new project on a Mysql 5.0.12 server (which I started in 3.55 and later upgraded to 4.00....)

I hope you can find the problem (or maybe just upgrade the 4.1 server ???

Kind regards,

David HAmmink

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Post by Ikar » Wed 28 Sep 2005 13:56

We couldn't reproduce the problem.
Please send us (mydac*crlab*com) a complete small sample to demonstrate it and include script to create and fill tables.

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