MyBackup bug

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MyBackup bug

Post by tmliaw » Thu 25 Nov 2004 10:21

Place a TMyConnection component (MyConnection1) and a TMyBackup component (MyBackup1) on a new project form. Set the Connection property of MyBackup1 to MyConnection1. Now delete the MyConnection1 component from the form, a access violation occurs. It seem the MyConnection1 does not send a appropriate message to MyBackup1 so that MyBackup1 clear its Connection property correctly.

I am using Delphi5 and MyDAC 3.3 in XP Windows Service Pack 2

Jonathan Liaw

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Re: MyBackup bug

Post by Ikar » Fri 26 Nov 2004 08:32

Thank you for information.
We reproduced your problem and fixed it. This fix will be included in the next MyDAC build.

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