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Post by ramajana » Tue 23 Nov 2004 17:35

I started noticing strange sql errors when I installed new mydac, on forms that work for a long time without modification.
Bug is happening on detail queries on tables with primary key consisting of two columns <- maybe not related, but anyway.
Text of error is "You have error in you SQL syntax...".
Most probably bug is not in my setup - when I reinstall, test case magically works again.
Here are the steps to reproduce.
Drop connection and query components on form. Point connection component to test database where tables.sql from mydac demos was applied.
edit sql in query so it is
Double click Query. Go to "SQL Generator" tab. Table name will be Emp, which is good. Press "Generate SQL".
Insert SQL shows:

So, where is table?
To notice that my production queries do not use InsertSQL etc., and still have this error popping up. Maybe because they are details and MyDAC uses parser to implant where condition? What ever is the reason, this used to work until last release.
Double clicking TMyConnection reveals version, but I see that mydac70.bpl is

Another bug (also in old version of MyDAC) is that if you choose "Quote names", and try to "Execute", you will get "Wrong updating table value - table ``Emp`` is unknown."

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Re: parser bug

Post by Ikar » Wed 24 Nov 2004 09:35

Thank you for information.
We reproduced your problem and fixed it. This fix will be included in the next MyDAC build. It will be available in about two days.

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