[Out of topic] sychronizing data

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[Out of topic] sychronizing data

Post by ben » Wed 17 Nov 2004 19:50

Hello sorry for the out of topic post but I need your help.

Imagine the following scenario:

I have 20 shops running a common version of a software and a common structure of database


Some times, customers from one shop going to other shop, so the employee has to write his or her details again and again. We want to make a system to get the details from the shop that the customer originally belongs to and put them into the local database. I have 2 ideas in my mind:

1. The current shop (the one that customer is right now), will connect to the shop that the customer originally belongs to, get the details and put them on the local database. The problem with that scenario is, what will happend if the connection between shops are cutted.

2. We use a sychronize system, and every 06:00 at morning we put all customers from all shops to a fast (connection+hardware) server. So we have a new table CUSTOMERS that contains ALL customers from all shops.

When an employee wants to add the details of a customer to the local database, he will ask the details from the main server that holds all the customers.

Can you please give me your advices? Whats the best solution. Or do you have any other solution or idea? If we go to the second solution, how can I sychronize the databases? Is there a standard way, or tools, or what?

Thank you in advance.

jens lund

sychronizing data

Post by jens lund » Wed 17 Nov 2004 20:16

Hi Ben

There is a standard feature in MySQL that does exactly what you want.

See section 4.11 in the MANUAL.HTML file that comes with MySQL

For a bettre description, buy the book MASTERING MYSQL 4

/Jens Lund

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Post by GEswin » Wed 17 Nov 2004 23:17

Hi Jens Lund , coudl you be more specifid to what part of manual you're refering. I checked both online as offline manual, and section is 4.1 Overview of MySQL Programs , nothing that i could find usefull for what Ben asks. I'm also interested to hear comments & solutions to this.

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Post by ben » Thu 18 Nov 2004 23:44

GEsin, he's right !


Replication is the topic of 4.11

Thank you jens :) It was very helpful.

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