new "Access Violation"

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new "Access Violation"

Post by tlhawkins » Tue 26 Apr 2005 17:42

I just purchased MyDAC 3.50 for Delphi 7, when I was using the demo version I had one access violation error that would pop up every time I closed down the program while developing in Delphi. That error message thankfully went away.

However, now I cannot add a MyTable component to a project without getting an Access Violation in module "dac70.bpl". read address 00000000

the tMyTable reference is in the code, but the icon never shows up on the form. I have a lot of tables that were already in the project and they all work fine, but I cannot add any more. All the other components work just fine.

If anyone knows how I can get the MyTable component working again that would be great.



Post by Guest » Wed 27 Apr 2005 03:34

Thank you for information. It's known problem and we've already fixed it. This fix will be included in the next MyDAC build. It will be available on this weeks.

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