DevExpress Editor 4/5 and numericType

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DevExpress Editor 4/5 and numericType

Post by Guest » Mon 18 Apr 2005 13:00

Dear Support,

Since I move my Zeoslib component to MyDac component i'm getting
EVariantTypeCastError !

On the cxDBLookupComboBox :
The keyfieldname is filled with a float field (V.A.T.)
The DataField is also filled with a float field (V.A.T.)

Master table is opening fine
Lookup table is opening fine

When opening the cxDBLookupComboBox , i'm getting this exception :
EVariantTypeCastError "Couldn't convert the vriant type (String) in type (Double).

I recreate all field definitions from all my table
I leave the default settings on the cxDBLookupComboBox

I then found the NumericType Option (MyConnection).
The default option is set to "ntFloat", when changing it to "ntBCD" I'm able to use DevExpress cxDBLookupComboBox !.

Is it normal ?
Is it a DevExpress bug or a MyDac bug ?


Ps : you can quickly create this test :
Create One Master Table with x fields. One of the field must be a float field. Name It VAT
Create One Lookup Table with 1 float field (VAT).Fill the Lookup table with these values : 0 , 5.5 , 19.6 (V.A.T. values)

Use a cxDBLookupComboBox and fill the properties.
Test and bang ;)


Post by Guest » Mon 18 Apr 2005 13:17

sorry this doesn't works either (numerictype)
it is working when they is a value already filled !
I test it on a old record (with filled records) : that's working
when inserting a new record and trying to use the cxDBLookpComboBox, it is buging!

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Post by Ikar » Wed 20 Apr 2005 08:35

We don't have DevExpress Editor and thus we are unable to answer your question identically but according to the message cxDBLookupComboBox tries to write incorrect string value to DECIMAL field. As to another users have never informed us about similar problems, it is an error of DevExpress.


Post by Guest » Wed 20 Apr 2005 13:17

ok, i will look the other way :)

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