Delphi Connection to mysql

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Delphi Connection to mysql

Post by bagindokemas » Wed 13 Apr 2005 22:29

Greetings all,
I'm a college student in Indonesia who is working on a project.
I'm eager to build a trough connection from delphi to mysql. I don't want to use bde, ado, or any component else because i need a very speed connection to mysql.

I currently use Delphi version 7.0 and mysql 5.0.2, i've red about Mydac. Is this component can fulfill my specification above ?
Is there any one who can help me? :(
Best Regards,
Kemas Rahmat Saleh Wiharja


Post by Guest » Fri 15 Apr 2005 07:30

Hello bagindokemas,

You can safer use MyDAC component with mySQL 5.0.2 (but you should better use the 4.1.x branch, safer for production release.The 5.x branch is on Beta stage on may change from time to time)

I really think that MyDAC is the best component available arround here. It is blowing fast and works with all mysql server. Support is really good (specially for fixing bugs or commun issues faced by customer). I really encourage you using this set of components

There is several demos bundled with the MyDAC package. They are really easy to understand. I'm sure you will get working your deplhi to mysql connection.

Good luck

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