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SSIS configuration file(s) for datasource(s)

Posted: Mon 13 Jan 2020 18:22
by marchello
Hi all,

I'm newbie in SSIS, though my package works fine. Still, there is additional requirement from customer to create configuration file(s) for datasource(s).

The idea is that target database can be changed. I expect that it will be still SQL Server, but nobody knows exactly. So, mainly I would like to have connection string (server name, server port, database name, username and password / or windows auth type) configured. Where should I start? And yes, I started with googling this, though this time it didn't really help me.

Upd: Found out that it can be done using Integration Services Catalog. I believe this is helpful indeed in general, though it is enterprise customer with a lot of peculiar policies and it doesn't work in this case just like that. This should be done using configuration files... We'll put them into version control then, qa team will do their job, performance officer and security officer will do their ones as well. Only then it will appear in their Integration Services Catalogs. And yes, I'm frustrated a bit also.

I can play with Integration Services Catalogs locally though. Still, this should be configuration file(s) anyway in the end.

Any help with configuration files for datasources is appreciated.
Please advise.

Re: SSIS configuration file(s) for datasource(s)

Posted: Thu 16 Jan 2020 19:14
by Shalex
In the Package Configurations Organizer dialog box, select Enable Package Configurations, add configuration with Configuration Type=XML configuration file. Refer to ... ion-wizard.