SSIS Devart Marketing Cloud Source Component

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SSIS Devart Marketing Cloud Source Component

Post by Asmitty1182 » Mon 18 Mar 2019 20:05


I wanted to trial your Exact Target SSIS Components before purchasing them. I’m having issues with Exact Target Source Component. I was able to login to SalesForce Marketing Cloud but cannot access any of Tables I see listed inside of SSIS. I can’t see Field Names for any of tables. Do you know what is causing this issue. Let me know my company will purchase these components if we can extract data from them."Invalid Response from Service" is the error message I am dealing with when trying to drill down on a table in the Marketing Cloud Source Component

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Re: SSIS Devart Marketing Cloud Source Component

Post by Shalex » Wed 20 Mar 2019 10:44

Our component expects XML data from the service, the "Invalid Response from Service" error means that the received data could not be parsed by the XML parser.

1. With Authentication Type=UserNamePassword, have you initialized the Host connection string parameter with the value that corresponds to your instance?

JIC: ... cting.html
Host -> URL of an ExactTarget instance for API UserNamePassword authentication. By default the S1 Instance address is used: ... -links.htm.

2. Could you please register at, create the Salesforce Marketing Cloud connection, use this connection in some simple package (e.g.: export package) to reproduce the error? Then, specify via contact form your account name and package ID so that we can investigate logs for getting detailed information about the issue.

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