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Support in Azure-SSIS

Posted: Fri 10 Aug 2018 20:24
by Brian H
We've been using the "MySQL SSIS Source, Lookup & Destination Components" in our project to connect to our MySQL databases. Just recently we started planning on moving our SSIS runtime to Azure-SSIS. Deployment is failing because we are using these components. In the logs were the messages "Unable to create the type with the name 'DevartMySql'." After removing the DevArt Connection Managers, we are able to deploy.

I've dug around and come up with this: ... is-in-adf/. Does this mean that we are unable to use these components in Azure-SSIS or am I missing something? I've searched around and come up empty handed, so any advice would be appreciated!

If these components are not supported, are there plans to update the components to support Azure-SSIS IR?

Thanks for your time!

Re: Support in Azure-SSIS

Posted: Fri 17 Aug 2018 15:20
by Shalex
We will investigate the compatibility of Devart SSIS Data Flow Components with Azure-SSIS and notify you about the result.

Re: Support in Azure-SSIS

Posted: Thu 25 Oct 2018 18:26
by Shalex
Azure Data Factory V2 Integration Runtime (ADFv2 IR) is supported in v1.9.810.

Please download documenation from, right click SSISDataFlow.chm > Properties > Unblock. Open it and navigate to the "Deploying Devart SSIS Data Flow Components on Azure Data Factory" section.